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The Issue

Education in our country has an equity problem.  In fact, we believe that educational equity is the single most important issue in public education today. California statistics tell part of the story; similar issues exist around the country:


On California’s recent (and newly redesigned) standardized testing, 72% of Asian students and 51% of white students tested at grade level or better in English Language Arts; 28% of black students and 32% of Latinos met those standards.  Only 21% of students from low-income families scored proficient or better in math, while 53% of those from more affluent families did so.

The gaps are stark.



Let’s Close Those Gaps

While there has been plenty of discussion on the shifts to Common Core instruction and Deeper Learning outcomes, there hasn’t been enough focus on the leadership it will take to move systems toward deeper learning experiences for every student, especially those who have been historically underserved.

The Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (the Forum) will tackle this issue by bringing a group of systems leaders together for one purpose: to learn with and from one another how to lead their systems to make the necessary shifts so that each and every student has access to deeper learning experiences and outcomes.

Eliminating the achievement and opportunity gaps for every student will require new leadership for schools all over the country: the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum is a place for leaders to connect with each other and make collective impact.


IMG_4362Forum Gatherings

Forum members will meet together 3 times a year, for 2 years, to engage in professional network relationship building and common professional learning.  In addition to topics selected by members, the Forum will discuss:

• Deeper learning outcomes for all
• Communicating and leading complex change
• Leadership toward and in service of equity

Contact Rachel Maida, ELP Program Manager, for dates and locations of Forum gatherings.


IMG_4435Forum Membership

We are seeking 15-20 emerging leaders, from anywhere in the country, for our first Forum cohort.  Please join us if you are interested in: working with other school, district, and network leaders; advancing the cause of educational equity; developing the leadership it will take to create sustainable change for schools and students.   We are particularly looking for systems leaders (assistant superintendents, executive directors, heads of schools, etc.) who have influence over a system, district, or network of schools.  And we are seeking education leaders who are interested in transforming their districts and networks into centers of deeper learning for all!