DLLF Advisor Bob Lenz


Bob Lenz

Advisor Bob LenzBob Lenz is now the Executive Director of the Buck Institute for Education.  In May of 2015, he left his post as Envision Education’s Co-Founder and Chief of Innovation, after leading the organization since 2002. Mr. Lenz is recognized nationally as a leader in high school redesign, deeper learning, project-based learning, 21st century skills education, and performance assessment. Under his leadership, Envision Schools are preparing students for college success and persistence at rates well above national averages.

Previously, Bob founded Academy X, an award-winning leadership and humanities program at Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, California. In 1999, Drake High was named one of thirteen New American High Schools by U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley. In 2000, the school was featured on the cover of U.S. News & World Report as an example of successful high school reform. Bob was the first in his family to receive a college degree, obtaining a BA degree from St. Mary’s College and an MA degree in education from San Francisco State University.

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