DLLF Advisor Rick Lear


Rick Lear

Recently retired, Rick Lear began his career as a high school English teacher and football coach in 1967. Since then, he has taught in a half dozen cities and towns, was the founding principal of the first high school in a small Arizona community and the 200th high school in New York City.

Lear’s focus over the years has been on redesigning high schools, including an early and long interest in alternative schools and work as a senior researcher at the Coalition of Essential Schools, where he was an early advocate for performance assessments. Over the past fifteen years, he has led the Small Schools Project, whose 48 school coaches provided technical assistance to almost 200 high schools in WA State, served as Senior Director for School Design and Implementation at the New Tech Network, which has over 175 schools nationwide, and as the Interim Executive Director of Envision Learning Partners.

Lear is a three-time graduate of The Ohio State University.


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