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About the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum


Is the Forum open to leaders across the country or only California?

Across the country.

How do I apply?

You can apply during our open application periods for each cohort.  Click here to sign up for our newsletter, to be notified of the next application period.

I know someone who would be perfect for the Forum; how do I nominate?

You can nominate candidates during our open application periods for each cohort.  Click here to sign up for our newsletter, to be notified of the next application period.

What specific leadership roles would be a good fit to join the Forum?

We are looking for systems leaders (assistant superintendents, executive directors, heads of schools, etc.) who have influence over a system of schools.

How many leaders from each school or district can attend?

Since we only have 15-20 spaces, we would like to limit it to one per district, but exceptions can be made under unique circumstances.

Do we need an understanding of Deeper Learning prior to this forum or will we learn more about Deeper Learning?

We are looking for leaders who believe that all students should have access to deep and engaging learning experiences. Applicants should support the deeper learning competencies for all students, but we do not expect members to come in as experts of deeper learning.

Is there a targeted student population?

No, all are welcome.

What’s the level of application of learning to my district or school?

Members will be asked to apply their learning in between the meetings and share progress at the next meeting. This could be in the form of practicing a particular leadership skill or strategy.

Does the same person from a given organization attend all the meetings?

Yes, this is a professional learning community and requires consistent attendance of each member.

What’s the role of the Deeper Learning Advisor/Expert? What’s the frequency of conversations?

The role of the advisors is to give input to the design and content development of the convenings. Advisors will be invited to join the convenings and participants will spend time with the advisors at the Deeper Learning Conference in the spring each year.

How much will this cost me?

All travel and program expenses are covered by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

What are my responsibilities?

Attend the convenings with a growth mindset, apply learnings in your local context, and support each other’s professional learning.  Each member will also convene a local cohort to spread Deeper Learning in their own community.

Who is leading the forum?

Gia Truong, Envision Education’s CEO; Bob Lenz, Executive Director of the Buck Institute for Education and co-founder of Envision Education; Rick Lear of LastLap Consulting, and Ben Kornell, Executive Director of Envision Learning Partners.

I have more questions!

Contact Rachel Maida, ELP Program Manager; she will be happy to assist you.