What Do We Do?

The Face of Success

We bring hope and rejuvenation to schooling and teaching, through the results we help you achieve and the way we do our work. If you like design thinking, we think you’ll like us.

We create vibrant schools.

When assessment is oriented around college success, it stops being a distraction from learning and serves instead as a useful guide for how teachers, leaders and students can work together toward a clear goal: students’ future success as learners. And when students are engaged in rigorous, relevant work, collaborating with one another to creatively solve problems, and communicating openly about their learning – supported by committed teachers that inspire them to learn deeply – schools become cultures of revision and vibrant, active places for learning.

We have refined our educational model over the last decade through our schools division, Envision Schools, which operates three small urban high schools in Northern California. Our students are transformed by their experience at Envision because our vision for success requires students to know, do and reflect deep content knowledge and competency. We do this because it better positions students for economic and personal success in their careers, in their communities and in society.

Our assessment model requires them to assemble a portfolio of their best work; in order to graduate, they must demonstrate that they have mastery of key competencies and are ready for what’s next. To do this, they “defend” it in front of an audience of educators, peers and community members, demonstrating both their subject-matter competency and their ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically. This work must be certified by teachers as being college ready before students can graduate and they can only graduate if they can show, apply and reflect upon what they know, ensuring they are prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

Our approach to learning transforms students.

  • 64% of Envision students are low-income.
  • Many arrive performing well below grade level, disaffected, uninterested in school, and frustrated by teaching that feels irrelevant to their lives and future prospects.
  • They leave as engaged, active, hands-on learners, enthusiastic about the world around them and capable of navigating college and career successfully.
  • More than 90% of Envision’s graduates go on to college (compared with roughly 50% of students statewide in California), many of them to competitive four-year schools.
  • More importantly, nearly all persist beyond that challenging first year and are continuing to work toward earning their degrees.

This approach to teaching and learning transforms teachers too.

By igniting students’ passion for learning and making learning concrete and applicable in the world beyond high school, teachers are re-connected with their own motivation for becoming teachers in the first place: to empower students to understand and navigate the world around them.