What Do We Offer?

A unique system of student assessment

Our system, called the College and Career Ready Student Assessment System, ensures that students are truly prepared for college and career success – and in so doing, acts as a leverage point for transforming what and how they learn. As a strategic lever it also transforms teachers’ instructional practices and the school’s learning culture. We take a systems approach because only with everyone moving together can we produce transformative results.

Listen to what a teacher and an administrator have to say about working with Envision Learning Partners:


“Thanks so much for your help…our school is moving places and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help!” – Priti Johari, Redesign Administrator, Chelsea Public Schools


As your transformation partners, we offer you:

  • Results: students who can demonstrate, who know subjects deeply, who have not only knowledge but skills, who know and also do and reflect
  • Experienced educators as coaches and partners
  • Well-developed training, tools and technology that make it possible to change your school’s practices and results
  • A holistic approach that focuses not just on students but on the teachers, leaders, and the culture and school systems that surround and support them
  • A demonstration of the Common Core State Standards in teaching and assessment

Eight reasons we’re worth it:

  1. We have experience and demonstrated results, with 3 schools full of teachers and students who can show what success really looks like.
  2. The ELP team is made up of people who have played a key role in developing the model, and we also have external validation by academic experts (from Stanford University).
  3. We have tools and strategies that you can act on immediately to create improvement.
  4. Our work is already aligned with Common Core standards.
  5. We have a specific focus on developing and assessing 21st century skills.
  6. More focused on graduation assessment system – portfolio and defense – not just assessment of individual projects.
  7. Year-round, side-by-side, collaborative PD/coaching in addition to upfront training.
  8. Tangible tools (performance tasks, rubrics) and technology platform to make this assessment work scalable/manageable.

To learn more about working with us, contact Rachel Maida, Program Manager at Envision Learning Partners: rachel@envisionlearning.org or (510) 451-2415.